World Changers

All my life I have been drawn to dreamers; you know them aspeople who look to the sky and say, “Why not.” I have been a dreamer all my life; you know dreamers run together. There has always been a deep discontent, deep down inside of me, like an itch that you can’t scratch. You know we
are more concerned about others than you are for yourself. You would rather fail because you took the risk than stand on the sidelines and do nothing. You would rather be told it's impossible than to hear it’s always been that way and it will never change.

The story of Apple Computer and its success has this backend story.

“When Apple Computer fell on difficult days, Apple's young chairman, Steven Jobs, traveled from the Silicon Valley to New York City. His purpose was to convince Pepsico's John Sculley to move west and run his struggling company.

“The two men overlooked the Manhattan skyline from Sculley'spenthouse office, the Pepsi executive started to decline Jobs's offer.

“‘Financially,’Sculley said, ‘you'd have to give me a amillion-dollar salary, a million-dollar bonus, and a million-dollar severance.’

“Flabbergasted, Jobs gulped and agreed - if Sculley would m to California. But Sculley would commit only to being a consultant from New York. At that, Jobs issued a challenge to Sculley: ‘Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want to change the

“In his autobiography Odyssey, Sculley admits Jobs'schallenge ‘knocked the wind out of me.’ He said he'd become so caught up with his future at Pepsi, his pension, and whether his family could adapt to life in California, that an opportunity to ‘change the world’ nearly passed him by.
Instead, he put his life in perspective and went to Apple.”

We must not miss our opportunity to change the world! Let’s pay the price and buy it!

Are you going to be content planning an easy life here on earth for yourself and your family or are you going to pay the price to change your world for many others for a lifetime? Make no mistake the price is high and the road is hard but it's not impossible with God. You were created for
this, and this is your time.